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      The printing industry is also one of the very hot industries now, and some printing companies are eager to carry out product delivery rates. Need high-speed, accurate coding equipment.

Large character online inkjet printers play an important role in the printing industry. Some recent changes have made practitioners pay special attention to them. More and more customers require printing of variable content. These variable contents not only include variable characters such as serial numbers, but more customers require the printing of variable barcodes, variable QR codes and other content.

Regarding the conventional printing process and equipment, it is more troublesome to satisfy this demand, because the conventional plate-making printing process is for fixed content. As a digital inkjet printing machine, the machine can actively generate variable content inkjet printing,which is just satisfactory for the printing of variable information. The industry demand for printing variable information has promoted more companies to choose advanced inkjet printer equipment.

Application of CYCJET C700 Industrial large format carton inkjet printer in variable data, variable barcode and variable QR code printing:

In the printing industry, the traditional small character inkjet printers are mainly used to print variable character data such as serial numbers, membership card numbers, and password data. However, the latest C700 large format carton inkjet printer has expanded its application scale. The C700 inkjet printer can print variable characters at high speed, can connect to the database to print garbled and other data, and can also print a variety of barcodes.



The C700 inkjet printer is a complete inkjet printing system that does not need to be connected to a computer, and can directly modify and print barcodes on the inkjet printer. It supports three types of two-dimensional codes, including nine common one-dimensional bar codes and QR codes. The C700 inkjet printer can insert a serial number into the bar code content, and actively generate a variable bar code.

Application of CYCJET C700UV large character online galvanized sheet inkjet printer in building material industry:

The galvanized sheet industry is a hot industry in Africa. Due to the variety of shapes and volumes of building materials, customers generally have to print standard logos higher than 14cm on the products. In the past, most domestic building materials companies used hand-made templates and sprayed paint or sealing on the surface, which had low measurement accuracy, high labor intensity, and low production efficiency. This will have serious problems, such as lack of printing and wrong printing, the application range is relatively limited, and the marking requirements cannot be met.



In addition, the storage environment of steel is mostly outdoors, which is rather harsh. Dust or temperature can cause printer nozzles to clog. As a large-character coil sheet inkjet printer that is perfectly integrated with Industry 4.0, it can directly edit and adjust the print content through the touch screen, and can meet product batch numbers, specifications,QR codes and logo printing.

The product quality of CYCJET high-resolution inkjet printers is very strict. After continuous innovation and testing by engineers, the printer has a very low failure rate in future use. Even in any harsh environment, it will not block the nozzles and prolong the service life, ensuring the stability of the printer.

Application of DOD online Industrial large character inkjet printer in steel pipe industry:

In the steel pipe industry, due to the need to quickly mark product specifications, models, codes, etc. on the production process, DOD Industrial carbon steel pipe inkjet printers are designed for non-contact printing on moving objects on the production line, It meets the needs of the sheet metal industry for printing.



CYCJET industrial steel pipe inkjet printer, taking into account the rigid demand of the Chinese market, has several major features (economical, compact, smart, convenient, and ink-saving). It can also be edited by PC. The sealed design can be used in various harsh environments. It can ensure the neatness and effect of the printed content.

Compared with handheld inkjet printers, it lacks flexibility, but it is more efficient in terms of printing speed. According to production needs, multiple inkjet printers can be connected to complete complex marking tasks.

CYCJET is the a brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET have more than ten years of experience for wholesaler and retailer of different types of handheld inkjet printing solution, Laser printing solution, portable marking solution in Shanghai China.

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