Advantages and Heating Methods of Small Character Inkjet Printers


At present, the small character inkjet printer is the most widely used automatic inkjet equipment. The basic principle of the built-in pump technology is that the ink is pressurized by the pump and ejected at high speed and high pressure. The pressure is well controlled, and the ejected ink dots are stable. After the deflection of the electric field, the coding information is obtained.  

The technical advantages of the built-in pump of the small character inkjet printer:  

1. The design of the ink circuit is simpler, the structure of the internal components is simple, and the maintenance is very convenient.  

2. The ink path is completely closed, the air cannot enter the ink path, the fine dust will not enter and contaminate the ink, and there is no leakage of ink.  

3. The machine is smaller in size and more powerful, and some manufacturers have more beautiful machine-sprayed barcodes.  

4. The cost is lower, the ink circuit is completely closed, and the consumables are smaller.  

5. Automatic cleaning and maintenance.    

The viscosity of the ink used in the inkjet printer will change with the change of the ambient temperature. Changes in ambient temperature and humidity have an impact on the inkjet printer, which mainly affects the ink and inkjet printing effect. As the temperature becomes lower, the fluidity of the ink decreases and the viscosity increases. As the temperature increases, the fluidity increases and the viscosity decreases. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the constant temperature of the printer! There are two ways to heat the printer to keep it at a constant temperature:  

1. Overall heating.  

The design of many inkjet printers is to use the heat emitted by the parts in the inkjet printer to heat the entire ink tank, and the temperature of the ink tank rises to ensure the ink temperature. During the operation of the inkjet printer, the module generates heat (gear pump, low-voltage power supply, high-voltage package, and the main board are all heat-generating modules), so that the entire ink can be maintained at a constant temperature. In addition, another disadvantage of the overall heating is that due to the poor heat dissipation effect of the inkjet printer, the temperature of the chassis rises in summer, the heat remains in the chassis, and the temperature will become very high, which is easy to burn out the components in the inkjet printer.  

2. Local heating.  

Local heating is to heat some components on the nozzle. The ink of the inkjet printer passes through the nozzle tube and then to the nozzle during operation. After passing through the charging electrode and the deflection plate, the ink droplets are deflected in the electric field formed by the high-voltage deflection plate, and then ejected from the nozzle to form the text to be printed. If this process can ensure that the temperature of the nozzle is constant, the ink flowing through the nozzle can also be maintained at a constant temperature. It is widely used in high-resolution inkjet printers, that is, high-precision inkjet printers. Local heating keeps the ink viscosity in a suitable range and ensures a constant good inkjet effect.    

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