Capitalsmith: Potential of Convergence Between Traditional Funds and Leading Cryptocurrency Institutions?


Against the backdrop of current global economic volatility and digital transformation, the renowned British investment firm Fundsmith has announced the establishment of its innovative subsidiary, Capitalsmith Investment Group Ltd. The global economy is navigating through challenges such as inflation, market volatility, and geopolitical tensions, prompting investors to seek safer and more efficient investment channels. Simultaneously, the cryptocurrency market is rapidly expanding, with digital assets increasingly becoming a mainstream investment choice. Capitalsmith has emerged to create a world-leading Web3 ecosystem aggregation platform, drive innovation in traditional fund ETFs, and foster a global commercial digital financial ecosystem.


Capitalsmith leverages its robust technological capabilities and unique market positioning to hold a significant advantage in the digital finance sector. By integrating Fundsmith's traditional fund strategies with the technical strategies of global leaders like Binance and OKX, Capitalsmith has launched an ETH contract trading AI robot system and established ETH quantitative funds. These funds have operated successfully for five years, achieving monthly returns ranging from 20% to 45%. This integration not only enhances investment returns but also provides investors with more stable and efficient investment options.

Capitalsmith provides a highly convenient technical gateway, allowing users to access the platform directly through OKX or the TP Wallet, fully integrating with the OKX Web3 ecosystem. This seamless integration improves user experience and strengthens the platform's technical capabilities. Capitalsmith employs a secure asset storage strategy by storing encrypted assets on OKX rather than internally, greatly enhancing asset security and ensuring the reliability of user assets on the platform.

The ecosystem token SMS by Capitalsmith is widely applied across the entire Web3 ecosystem, supporting Capitalsmith's seven core ecosystems: SMS public chain, ETH trading funds + ETF spot funds, Web 3.0 wallet, NFT trading platform, SMS payment platform, GameFi chain game platform, and digital securities exchange. The SMS token serves not only as a crucial circulating tool within the platform but also provides value appreciation opportunities for users holding the token.


Firstly, the SMS public chain launched by Capitalsmith serves as the core infrastructure of the platform, providing robust technical support for the entire ecosystem. Secondly, ETH trading funds and ETF spot funds offer diversified investment choices to investors, enhancing portfolio stability and returns. Additionally, Capitalsmith's Web 3.0 wallet provides users with a secure and convenient asset management tool, supporting storage and trading of various digital assets. Capitalsmith's NFT trading platform offers users a diverse marketplace for digital asset transactions, fostering the growth of the NFT market. The SMS payment platform provides convenient payment solutions across multiple scenarios, enhancing user experience. Capitalsmith's GameFi chain game platform integrates blockchain technology with gaming applications, offering users new gaming experiences and investment opportunities. Lastly, Capitalsmith's digital securities exchange provides diversified securities trading services, enhancing market liquidity and investment opportunities.

In the era of convergence between traditional finance and digital assets, Capitalsmith is committed to linking OKX, connecting ETFs, and creating a new Web3 ecosystem aggregation platform encompassing RWA finance, GameFi, NFTs, and digital exchanges. As the global economic landscape evolves, Capitalsmith is prepared to lead digital financial innovation. By bridging traditional finance with the rapidly developing digital asset sector, Capitalsmith offers unprecedented opportunities for global investors. Positioned at the forefront, Capitalsmith, with its strong foundation, strategic partnerships, and innovative approach, is set to shape the future of digital finance and lead the development of the Web3 ecosystem. Through collaboration with OKX and Binance, Capitalsmith not only maintains a leading position in technology but also provides a seamless, secure, and efficient financial ecosystem platform for global users.

Capitalsmith is creating a global-leading Web3 ecosystem aggregation platform through three strategic phases:

Phase 1: 1.0 Customer acquisition and fan traffic, driving Funs' flow;

Phase 2: 2.0 SMS ecosystem application, launching NFT card games.

Phase 3: 3.0 SMS launches a leading trading platform, and Gamefi is fully online.

As global economic changes continue, Capitalsmith will continue to innovate, drive digital financial development, and create more forward-looking value for global investors, exploring the potential of convergence between traditional funds and leading cryptocurrency technologies and strategies.

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