Dojo Foundation receives investment


Up to now, the Dojo Foundation has completed a total of one million dollars in fundraising. Investors include Kms and The Carlyle Group.

Dojo's Founder & CEO John Jackson believes that the Dojo ecosystem will break the current blockchain technology and create a more convenient user experience and value for users.  

Of course, Dojo doesn't just stop at the application of the technical layer, the ecological construction may be the ultimate pursuit of where to go.  "Since we want to build an ecosystem, we need to export our technical capabilities and empowerment to the outside world in a sense. Sometimes this is a value trade-off relationship. I may invest more in ecological construction than short-term benefits.  It is used for ecology, not just for shipping to create a single product," said John Jackson.

Opening up operational capabilities and product technologies, looking for partners to meet each other, and striving to make industry standards requires not only strong professional strength, but also bold and open thinking. Obviously, Dojo has made the industry see its mind and future.

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