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Explore the Production Base of Nongfu Spring in Thousand-Island Lake


The summer slips away, but in the past few months, carbonated water drinks have become a preference for people to relieve summer heat. In scorching summer, staying in the air-conditioned room, taking a big sip of the iced carbonated water drink and belching at ease, is there anything happier than that? This summer, Nongfu Spring launched TOT Carbonated Water Drink, which has rice wine, lemon black tea and grapefruit green tea flavors. The product has become a new favorite of young consumers in this summer once it made its debut. The product spokespersons of TOT Carbonated Water Drink are the super idols of new generation, Liu Yuxin, Yu Shuxin and Xie keyin. They visited the production base of the TOT Carbonated Water Drink- Thousand-Island Lake, and experienced the unique features of Nongfu Spring.

The production base is located beside the beautiful Thousand-Island Lake, adjacent to the water source of Nongfu Spring. It is a beverage deep processing enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and marketing with beautiful environment like a garden. In addition to Thousand Islands Lake water source, Nongfu Spring, with its unique strategic vision, has prospectively distributed a number of rare and high-quality natural water sources in China, including Manas of Mount Tianshan in Xinjiang Province, Wanlv Lake in Guangdong Province and Greater Khingan in Heilongjiang Province. The ten water sources are all over the country, covering almost the entire territory of China, which laid a solid foundation for providing consumers with long-term natural and healthy services and formed a long-term stable competitive advantage.

Walking into the Thousand-Island Lake production base, you can see the memorabilia of Nongfu Spring’s products on the display wall, and get a greater understanding of its development course and brilliant achievements. From the bottled water of Nongfu Spring made its debut in 1996, to  the announcement that Nongfu Spring would only produce natural water in 2000, and the various kinds of innovative products leading the market, including Nongfu Orchard, Oriental Leaves and TOT Carbonated Water Drink. Nongfu Spring has been insisting on innovating and diversifying its product offerings so as to establish a diversified product matrix. Nongfu Spring has been reputed as a pioneer or even a pathfinder of various categories of the market, and constantly promoting the innovative development of China's beverage industry.

Leave the brilliant achievements behind and what come into view next are the modern high-tech equipment and the wholly-automatic producing process. Nongfu Spring is committed to the business concept of “natural and healthy” throughout its development path and at the same time, keeping in step with the trend of the advanced science and technology. Devoted to being the porter of nature with its advanced technology, Nongfu Spring has developed modern aseptic workshops and world-class drinking water production lines, and its high-speed aseptic filling equipment meets the Log6 sterile standard.

Every bottle of Nongfu Spring represents the persistent pursuit of product quality. In order to bring consumers nature's precious gift of natural drinking water, the enterprise never uses urban tap water to produce bottled drinking water, and does not add any artificial minerals into drinking water. In Thousand-Island Lake production base, there are staff who stick to their posts on the island all the year round so as to ensure the safety of water intake and prevent man-made damage. Every one of them stands as an isolated island and guard the lifeline of water source as a solid barrier.

The water source of Nongfu Spring guarantees the product quality and lays the foundation for further development. What we witness here is not only the "natural and healthy" feature of every bottle of Nongfu Spring, but also the soul and spirit of the brand!

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