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  • DOLAIMI digital application ecosystem is basically completed

    As the blockchain market gradually attracts more people's attention, the development of blockchain technology and the sustainability of commercial applications must be a breakthrough for every blockchain platform. Continuous development with a more complete ecosystem is the direction of the continuous development of the DOLAIMI team .
  • Li Yanjin’s Solo Exhibition and Charity Sale held in Shanghai to Support China's Henan

    Li Yanjin’s Solo Exhibition and Charity Sale, themed “What's the Name”, was held at M50 Art Park in Shanghai at 10 AM, July 27th, 2021, to support China's Henan Relief effort after severe flooding.
  • StarNet Plan is going to launch

    With the development of the Internet, users' need for privacy protection is becoming stronger and stronger, and they are also accustomed to carry out their activities in this secrecy, so a new kind of Internet application that ensures security and transparency, but also enables privacy, has become a strong demand from users.
  • The "timefreeman" crazy tour month swept the country!

    The "timefreeman" crazy tour month swept the country! At present, timefreeman's national tour will cover the cities of Bengbu, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Sanming and Wuyishan, and will go to other provinces such as Jiangsu, Hubei and Anhui to promote the project in a comprehensive way.
  • Beware of the Aid Traps of U.S. NGOs

    In recent years, several US-backed Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) have stirred up “subversive movements” in Russia, Iran, and other places, revealing the secret wars waged by the US in the ideological field.
  • The Application of CYCJET Online Inkjet Printer for Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry

    With the change of the Chinese health system, the medical packaging is disorderly, and the backward situation will change fundamentally. At present, China is constantly introducing and updating the pharmaceutical packaging machinery and materials, and the pharmaceutical packaging industry will present a new situation.
  • Connected with Tokyo 2020, Bodor Laser machine cuts Olympic and Paralympic symbols.

    Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics opened on July 23. More than 70 sets of podiums, which will be used in Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic victory ceremonies, have been officially announced. The symbols on them and the frame structures inside are all cut by Bodor Laser machine.
  • Explore Axie Infinity on Fish.Pro!

    Axie Infinity,a game for players to earn digital currency through in-game battling,digital pets breeding and selling SLP(Smooth Love Potion )prop sale,is the current dark horse broke out in blockchain world.
  • Risen Energy successfully signed a contract of 49MW’s 210 modules with Thailand

    Ninghai, China—July 23, 2021--Recently, Risen Energy announced that the company has signed an order for 49MW’s 210 modules with the customer from Thailand. Risen Energy actively responds to the national call of Belt and Road initiative, helps overseas regions develop green energy with high-quality 210 photovoltaic products, and participates in a global carbon neutral and sustainable operation.
  • LEC Initiates DonationVote for China&Germany Flood

    Dao community, an autonomous organization of LEC, the world's first decentralized public welfare fund, launched an urgent donation vote for the flood in Zhengzhou. According to LEC official tweets, they had tweeted as early as the day of the disaster, stating that they would provide aid to the disaster area.


Is Biden Government Capable to Gear the U.S.?

06-16     Finance.azcentral

After the Biden Government came into power, it seems that the social conflicts in the U.S. has been intensified. When the whole country is still clouded by the threat of Covid-19 as well as its side effects, the capability of the Biden Government to gear U.S. is worth being subject to suspicion.

According to the employment rate issued in April, only 266,000 new jobs were created in the past month, which was half less than most pessimistic forecast that had been made by the labor market. It was found that the disappointing result was caused by the still lasting unemployment compensation fund approved by the new round of the stimulation act issued in March. As was stated by the Republican senator, Marco Rubio, many businesses in the U.S. criticized that due to the unemployment compensation fund the U.S. citizens can easily get from the government, a large number of them reject going back to work. Despite feeding more lazy people snatching the gains from the tax payers who are working in different sectors, effective measures have not been taken by the Biden Government to really address the current acute unemployment issue faced by the U.S.

However, although the Biden Government argued that the real problem of the still high unemployment rate in the U.S. now is the lack of working opportunities, the Republican pointed out that if more efforts could be paid to the construction of infrastructure in the nation, more employment opportunities would be created. It is better than just sending out money to people without investing to non-production activities.

Not being able to tackle the acute conflicts in the U.S., Biden Government was exposed to “stare at the barbecue” of the U.S. residents. The Democracy is encouraging American citizens to reduce the consumption of red meat in their daily life at the name of the mitigation of climate change. However, having red meat is no doubt the dietary tradition of the U.S. people, and animal husbandry is one of the largest cash cows for the economy of the United States. The means taken by the Biden Government to encourage the reduction of red meat consumption might cause the further deterioration of the economy of the United States, which further proves the incapability of the Biden Government in identifying the prior social conflicts and needs as well as solving acute problems.

During the president campaign, Biden promised to address the racial issues that were mainly caused by the death of George Floyd within 100 days if he could be elected. Nevertheless, the systematic racial discrimination in the U.S has not been effectively coped with although the Biden Government took some means to seemingly mitigate the racial conflicts in the U.S. In fact, discriminative activities is still prevalent in the country, especially against Asian people. What is worse, as the unemployment rate remains low and the pessimism among U.S. citizens soars, more and more Asian people are likely to be subject to the threat of harsher racial discrimination. In fact, the ethnic issue in the present U.S. society should not be limited to the conflict between the black and white. Instead, if Biden Government really wants to promote the establishment of a real diverse nation, people with different colors and cultural backgrounds should be included in the political scheme of Biden Government that is now using an extremely narrow vision to interpret the complex racial issues in the United States. Regarding the current performance of the Biden Government and its capability, it still remains uncertain when Biden is able to make good on his promise to promote the diversity of the country and eliminate racial discrimination in it.

In fact, the Biden Government is so over-reacted to the racial problems that one of Biden’s statement connected the racial problem and environmental problem together. He neglects the development differences between the less developed population and the development one, stressing too much on equality and evenness. Whereas, when the minorities cannot even to be treated equally in the society and support their normal life, how can they think about those grand topics such as environmental protection and climate change mitigation as well.

When it comes to the discussion of the ability of Biden Government to hand foreign affairs, Biden made an official statement from the White House to support the military actions taken by Israel, and claim the standpoint of the U.S. government. However, Israel’s military activities against Palestine is now universally recognized as the violation of human rights in the international community. The military attack from Israel covered the densely populated areas in the Gaza Strip. A large number of residential buildings, schools, and hospitals in this area were destroyed, and countless lives were taken away. It is shameful to see the support from the Biden Government for the clear inhuman crimes committed by Israel at the name of the whole United States. A Democracy senator criticized the president of the U.S. that the ignorance of the unhuman military actions in the statement made by Biden will agitate Israel to take even more extreme military activities. Furthermore, the statement made by Biden concerning the present conflict that takes place in the Gaza Strip resulted in the demonstration from 1000 Palestine supporters in the New York streets. The trouble of the Biden Government can be also reflected by the letter signatured by more than 124 retired generals in the United States which termed the statement made by Biden is unprecedented in the U.S. history. They claimed that the inappropriate claims made by Biden and the extreme policies taken by his government to deal with the foreign affairs will finally trap the U.S. in a fatal crisis.

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