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  • Global Champion! UNISOC Tops the MOT20 Challenge List

    On January 19, 2021, on the internationally authoritative MOT20 Challenge list (Multiple Object Tracking Challenge,MOT), the mota index of the UNISOC multimedia algorithm exceeds 70 points and wins the global championship. It is also the only company with more than 70 points on the MOT20 Challenge list, which shows that UNISOC takes the leading position in the field of multi-object tracking.
  • How to Achieve High-speed QR Code Printing by CYCJET Laser Marking Machine

    With the rapid and continuous development of online marking, the traditional marking like character, digits, barcode can not satisfy some special requirement by different customer. The normal marking only present the directly information when we look at the printing, such as date, serial no, name etc. Along with QR Code technology development and improving, it can carry more valuable information t
  • The Different Technologies of CYCJET Handheld Inkjet Printer

    CYCJET has been in handheld inkjet printer developing and manufacturing from more than 15 years in Shanghai, China. The hand jet printers have been upgraded to the third age, to meet more and more printing application domestic and overseas. Firstly, CYCJET ALT360Pro small hand inkjet printer is the most long-last and the hottest hand model. It can print 1—18mm fonts, including logo, barcode, date
  • CYCJET Automatic Large Character Inkjet Printer in outer packaging industry

    With the increasing demand for inkjet printers, the content, functions, resolution and other requirements for inkjet printers are increasing. Therefore, large character inkjet printers have gradually entered the eyes of users and are gradually accepted by customers.
  • New Launch CYCJET ALT500UV High Resolution Inkjet Printer

    Abstract: In order to better meet the needs of customers in market segments, CYCJET has pioneered the launch of the ALT500UV UV Inkjet Coder series in response to the shortcomings of traditional marking equipment, which can meet customers' high resolution, large format, multi-nozzle, high attachment A variety of personalized requirements such as focus, solvent resistance, etc., is a very powerful
  • Risen Energy’s 250MW EPC project in Vietnam has been put into commercial operation!

    Ninghai China—January 25, 2021--Recently, Risen Energy Co., Ltd. has announced that its 250MW PV power farm project in Vietnam has completed all the tests given by the Vietnam Power Grid Company and the State Commissioning Center, and been officially put into commercial operation.
  • DeepLand Foundation has invested Uranus Exchange in Singapore

    On January 22, DeepLand Foundation had a fruitful communication with CMO Elsa of Uranus and Ms. Li Yuelan, President of China Mega-area, in Singapore office of Uranus Exchange, and successfully signed TS (Term sheet). The first investment will be start in the form of Token Fund, with an intended investment amount of $2.7 million.
  • Can BitDNS challenge Ethereum?

    Recently, I heard that many people are discussing how BitDNS challenge ethereum is becoming more possible. After a detailed analyzing of the problem I understood that this challenge is more than real. Let me explain you how BitDNS can challenge Etherium.
  • AET REMOULD Sapphire Daytona National Collection - Cultures in Watches

    Recently, AET REMOULD launched Sapphire Daytona National Collection. Each country has its own unique culture, and those amazing cultures make the world colorful. Every watch has its unique charm, with various shapes, materials, and functions constitute a desirable watch world.
  • US Congress riots: who is behind the Chinese intruders

    The US Congress riots of U.S. Congress bred an unprecedented absurdity under the global epidemic at the moment. On January 6, 2021, the US Capitol building was violently intruded by supporters of US President Donald Trump. Sixty-five days ago, on election day night, Trump walked up to the podium in the East Room of the White House and declared he had won the election. He even tweeted an hour befor


Love Is Power -- Nongfu Spring Launched Bottle of Poetry in Collaboration with China UnionPay


With the classic slogans such as "we do not produce water. We're just porter of nature" and "Nongfu Spring tastes a bit sweet", Nongfu Spring is always able to attract the attention of consumers and the industry. In addition to those classic marketing cases, Nongfu Spring played with various bottle marketing in recent years. Through the bottle body, with the unique humanistic care of the brand Nongfu Spring could have accurate insight into content, and communicate with consumers in a heart-warming way.

Apart from marketing, Nongfu Spring has also made great effort in public welfare activities. On August 27, Nongfu Spring launched Poetry of Bottle public welfare project in partnership with China UnionPay, printing poems from children in the mountain areas of Sichuan, Anhui and Henan on the bottle body. The sales volume of Poetry of Bottle topped more than 100 million, and through this project, more people get to know the talents of children in the mountain areas and care for the Chinese poetry education of left behind children in rural areas.

In terms of the bottle body crossover cooperation, Nongfu Spring is committed to achieve emotional resonance and esthetic beauty in design. The packaging of Poetry of Bottle subtly adopts the small receipt design of China UnionPay POS machine as the background of the poem. It is simple and in accord with the connotation of the project. And with the curved paper design beside the small receipt and the illustration of small images, the outer packing shows a sense of clarity, which perfectly represents the inner world of innocent children. As for the bottle body, Poetry of Bottle H5 website continues the simple and pure style of the activity. People can listen to children from the mountain areas read a poem by scanning the QR code on the bottle body, or donate money through UnionPay cloud flash payment. Nongfu Spring expects to express concern and convey humanistic solicitude through the bottle body, and amplify the voice volume for the disadvantaged groups.

On the one hand, Nongfu Spring launched this public welfare activity for the children in the mountain areas. On the other hand, it recalled the childhood memories of the post-80s and 90s, by which it promoted the public awareness of the warm-hearted public welfare activity for children jointly launched by Nongfu Spring and China UnionPay. In addition to the public-spirited cooperation with China UnionPay, Nongfu Spring launched various series of bottle body designs such as Music Review with Netease Cloud Music, Natural Animals for new year festival, as well as Bottle of the Imperial Palace. All these indicate that Nongfu Spring endorses marketing activities with its unique product features.

Through rich and varied designs, changing labels of products, and combining with the brand activities, Nongfu Spring endows the old products with new content and vitality, and forms a unique beauty. The bottle body holds an important position in the brand construction of Nongfu Spring. Every once in a while, Nongfu Spring will develop a variety of bottle body designs that are beautiful, interesting and well-designed to express the brand story.

Now, the aesthetic of bottle body design has become a distinctive feature of Nongfu Spring. Nongfu Spring prints what it wants to convey to the consumers on the bottle body, by which consumers are able to accept the information in a more intuitive way, promote the propaganda, feel Nongfu Spring dedication in emotional resonance and aesthetic design, express emotions and convey humanistic care and help the disadvantaged groups to voice their needs.

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