Nanjing Air-hub International Expo Center was invited to deliver keynote speech during China International Import Expo and won the 'Golden Panda award'


-HAIXUNPRESS-The third China Convention & Exhibition Industry International Trade Forum held on 6th November at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) during the third China International Import Expo (CIIE). It is the only supporting exhibition area forum during CIIE. Yongbiao HU, the solely responsible for Nanjing air-hub exhibition & event town (NAEET) was invited to deliver the keynote speech and Nanjing Air-hub International Expo Center won the '2020 China's the most influential exhibition complex Golden Panda award'. To build a national benchmark of 'exhibition +' characteristic town and deeply participate in the Expo is the best demonstration of NAEET.


Yongbiao HU, director of Nanjing Air-hub Exhibition & Event Town, made a speech on behalf of Jiangsu Convention and Exhibition Venue

It is noteworthy that as the only exhibition center in Jiangsu province to give a keynote speech at the forum, Mr. Hu, the responsible person, was invited to deliver a keynote speech entitled 'Integrated development of exhibition and Industry, 'New' Opportunities for exhibition venues', and share the successful exploration experience of Nanjing Air-hub International Expo Center.

"The world today is marked by changes unseen in a century, with risks and uncertainties on the rise. Under such circumstances, it is all the more important for us to take the chance, consider the situation and prospect scientifically. With the establishment of the international and domestic 'dual circulation' development pattern, it is a reasonable response to grasp the new pattern and use the exhibition platform to promote production and revitalize the city." Mr HU's speech was highly appraised and recognized by the on-site leaders and guests.

On the night, Nanjing Air-hub International Expo Center won the '2020 China's the Most Influential Convention & Exhibition Complex' at the Golden Panda Award Ceremony of China Convention & Exhibition Industry. And signed the annual strategic cooperation agreement with the organizer of the forum - China Conference & Exhibition Magazine.

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