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  • StarNet Plan is going to launch

    With the development of the Internet, users' need for privacy protection is becoming stronger and stronger, and they are also accustomed to carry out their activities in this secrecy, so a new kind of Internet application that ensures security and transparency, but also enables privacy, has become a strong demand from users.
  • The "timefreeman" crazy tour month swept the country!

    The "timefreeman" crazy tour month swept the country! At present, timefreeman's national tour will cover the cities of Bengbu, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Sanming and Wuyishan, and will go to other provinces such as Jiangsu, Hubei and Anhui to promote the project in a comprehensive way.
  • Beware of the Aid Traps of U.S. NGOs

    In recent years, several US-backed Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) have stirred up “subversive movements” in Russia, Iran, and other places, revealing the secret wars waged by the US in the ideological field.
  • The Application of CYCJET Online Inkjet Printer for Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry

    With the change of the Chinese health system, the medical packaging is disorderly, and the backward situation will change fundamentally. At present, China is constantly introducing and updating the pharmaceutical packaging machinery and materials, and the pharmaceutical packaging industry will present a new situation.
  • Connected with Tokyo 2020, Bodor Laser machine cuts Olympic and Paralympic symbols.

    Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics opened on July 23. More than 70 sets of podiums, which will be used in Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic victory ceremonies, have been officially announced. The symbols on them and the frame structures inside are all cut by Bodor Laser machine.
  • Explore Axie Infinity on Fish.Pro!

    Axie Infinity,a game for players to earn digital currency through in-game battling,digital pets breeding and selling SLP(Smooth Love Potion )prop sale,is the current dark horse broke out in blockchain world.
  • Risen Energy successfully signed a contract of 49MW’s 210 modules with Thailand

    Ninghai, China—July 23, 2021--Recently, Risen Energy announced that the company has signed an order for 49MW’s 210 modules with the customer from Thailand. Risen Energy actively responds to the national call of Belt and Road initiative, helps overseas regions develop green energy with high-quality 210 photovoltaic products, and participates in a global carbon neutral and sustainable operation.
  • LEC Initiates DonationVote for China&Germany Flood

    Dao community, an autonomous organization of LEC, the world's first decentralized public welfare fund, launched an urgent donation vote for the flood in Zhengzhou. According to LEC official tweets, they had tweeted as early as the day of the disaster, stating that they would provide aid to the disaster area.
  • Launching of AMBG Group’s Bit International Digital Asset Exchange “BitDax” today

    BitDax Exchange,a subsidiary of BIT Digital Limited is a global digital asset trading platform that mainly provides cryptocurrency and derivatives trading services for digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum to users around the world. When BitDax was founded, it had received a million-dollar angel investment from the entrepreneurial workshop lead by the world's leading investor Tim
  • Advantages of the CYCJET Inkjet Coding Machine in the Product Packaging Identification

    The development of the code-jet industry has become one of the important parts of the development of the identification industry. The progress and breakthrough of code injection machine technology also bring about the reform of the identification industry. The development of code is closely linked with the market and constantly promotes the liberation and development of market productivity.


Nongfu Spring Focuses on Left-Behind children and Reinforces the Corporate Responsibility of the Big Brand


When poetry meets with the natural water, what kinds of sparks can they collide with? From ancient times to the present, there are not a few poems expressing emotions with water. For instance, "I live upstream and you downstream. From night to night of you I dream. Unlike the stream you’re not in view, though we both drink from River Blue." In this poetry, The Yangtze River stands for the woman’s missing for her husband. Another example is "Why is the water so clear in the dyke, For the fresh water comes from the springhead". It is because of the constant injection of fresh water the surface of the canal can be crystal clear, which expresses the importance of living water.

Nongfu Spring has selected 10 water sources across the whole country, including Thousand-island Lake in Zhejiang Province from where it began, Manas of Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang in the west, Wanlv Lake in Guangdong Province in the south and Greater Khingan in Heilongjiang Province in the north. Each water source has a radius of 500 km, covering almost the entire territory of China. Only Nongfu Spring has more water sources than that of mainstream natural water and mineral water brands in China.

Taking Thousand-island Lake as an example, Nongfu Spring uses the deep water of Thousand-island Lake as its water source, and retains potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, metasilicate and other natural mineral elements of human body needs, which provides people with natural water in the true sense. Nongfu Spring has always insisted on building factories and producing drinking water adjacent to water sources. With its unique strategic layout of water sources, perfect production management system and advanced logistics system, it has achieved the high-end quality of Nongfu Spring and fulfilled the promise of being the porter of nature.

It is true that our life is inseparable from water, but few people produce emotional resonance with the water. The poetry may not be a necessity of life, but it evokes at heart boundless billows. Nongfu Spring, together with China UnionPay, has launched more than 100 million bottles of Poetry Bottle, so that more people can see the talents of children in the mountain areas. People can go to UnionPay cloud flesh payment to donate. People can buy a poem on a special physical POS machine for one yuan. The money will be donated by China UnionPay to China Soong Ching Ling Foundation to support the art and Chinese literacy courses for rural children.

In fact, Nongfu Spring's public welfare activities have been carried out for more than 20 years. For instance, Nongfu Spring and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Bidding Committee(BOBICO) jointly launched the first "one penny charity event as early as 2001. By the end of the successful bid for the Olympic Games, Nongfu Spring had donated 5 million yuan on behalf of consumers. Nongfu Spring has been actively engaged in and advocating public welfare undertakings for many years. Whether it is flood fighting in the Yangtze River in 1998, the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, the severe drought in Yunnan in 2010 or the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, Nongfu Spring had done all they could to help the people in need, providing them with natural water of high-quality, and taking public welfare undertakings as the social responsibility of the enterprise.

Nongfu Spring is not only dedicated to public welfare undertakings and giving back to the community, but also brings high-quality natural water to the people on this land. Nongfu Spring has emerged as an industry leader that deserves its name and carried on the power of China-made brand.

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