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  • StarNet Plan is going to launch

    With the development of the Internet, users' need for privacy protection is becoming stronger and stronger, and they are also accustomed to carry out their activities in this secrecy, so a new kind of Internet application that ensures security and transparency, but also enables privacy, has become a strong demand from users.
  • The "timefreeman" crazy tour month swept the country!

    The "timefreeman" crazy tour month swept the country! At present, timefreeman's national tour will cover the cities of Bengbu, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Sanming and Wuyishan, and will go to other provinces such as Jiangsu, Hubei and Anhui to promote the project in a comprehensive way.
  • Beware of the Aid Traps of U.S. NGOs

    In recent years, several US-backed Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) have stirred up “subversive movements” in Russia, Iran, and other places, revealing the secret wars waged by the US in the ideological field.
  • The Application of CYCJET Online Inkjet Printer for Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry

    With the change of the Chinese health system, the medical packaging is disorderly, and the backward situation will change fundamentally. At present, China is constantly introducing and updating the pharmaceutical packaging machinery and materials, and the pharmaceutical packaging industry will present a new situation.
  • Connected with Tokyo 2020, Bodor Laser machine cuts Olympic and Paralympic symbols.

    Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics opened on July 23. More than 70 sets of podiums, which will be used in Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic victory ceremonies, have been officially announced. The symbols on them and the frame structures inside are all cut by Bodor Laser machine.
  • Explore Axie Infinity on Fish.Pro!

    Axie Infinity,a game for players to earn digital currency through in-game battling,digital pets breeding and selling SLP(Smooth Love Potion )prop sale,is the current dark horse broke out in blockchain world.
  • Risen Energy successfully signed a contract of 49MW’s 210 modules with Thailand

    Ninghai, China—July 23, 2021--Recently, Risen Energy announced that the company has signed an order for 49MW’s 210 modules with the customer from Thailand. Risen Energy actively responds to the national call of Belt and Road initiative, helps overseas regions develop green energy with high-quality 210 photovoltaic products, and participates in a global carbon neutral and sustainable operation.
  • LEC Initiates DonationVote for China&Germany Flood

    Dao community, an autonomous organization of LEC, the world's first decentralized public welfare fund, launched an urgent donation vote for the flood in Zhengzhou. According to LEC official tweets, they had tweeted as early as the day of the disaster, stating that they would provide aid to the disaster area.
  • Launching of AMBG Group’s Bit International Digital Asset Exchange “BitDax” today

    BitDax Exchange,a subsidiary of BIT Digital Limited is a global digital asset trading platform that mainly provides cryptocurrency and derivatives trading services for digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum to users around the world. When BitDax was founded, it had received a million-dollar angel investment from the entrepreneurial workshop lead by the world's leading investor Tim
  • Advantages of the CYCJET Inkjet Coding Machine in the Product Packaging Identification

    The development of the code-jet industry has become one of the important parts of the development of the identification industry. The progress and breakthrough of code injection machine technology also bring about the reform of the identification industry. The development of code is closely linked with the market and constantly promotes the liberation and development of market productivity.


RFC broke out to create a decentralized financial ecosystem


RFC broke out: to create a decentralized financial ecosystem


Entering 2021, the blockchain industry will make a comeback. With the rise of new concepts such as DeFi (decentralized finance), public chains have once again become the focus of the entire blockchain industry. In the blockchain industry, the public chain is equivalent to the operating system in the IT industry and is the most important infrastructure in the industry chain. In 2018, the public chain once ushered in a short period of outbreak, but it has gradually fallen into silence since then.

However, in 2021, the rise of the DeFi concept has given the public chain a new lease of life. Starting from digital currency mortgage lending, DeFi is developing a variety of financial applications. As a basic platform for carrying DeFi applications, the public chain has also revived with the rise of DeFi. It is not difficult to see that at the moment, finance is still an important field for the implementation of blockchain technology. With DeFi as the foundation, the implementation of blockchain technology also has a new business path-to guide the integration and innovation of the digital economy and the real economy, and allow the blockchain to carry more digital assets.

丨RFC broke out: creating a DEFI decentralized financial platform

RFC is initiated by Reserve Fund Currency Lab, a new generation of truly interoperable DeFi project. The advantages of decentralization will be able to raise and trade capital at low prices and quickly. Users will be able to participate in mining in a safe and compliant environment, and the mechanism will be continuously destroyed during the mining process to create scarcity! The value is continuously improved, and its assets are far beyond the current common decentralized mining project assets.

RFC is a global decentralized financial integrated commercial entity that is committed to becoming the most widely used DeFi application platform and establishing a multi-level financial system. RFC involves a variety of product categories, RFC pool, RFC DAO, and RFC DEX, decentralized wallets, financial derivatives, etc. Each decentralized smart contract will influence each other, thereby generating a multiplier effect, and bringing rich returns to users through a variety of investment portfolios.

RFC is also a complete blockchain development platform. In the future, a decentralized international community will be established to attract international high-quality blockchain projects, international financial institutions, international digital asset regulators, international outstanding scientific and technological personnel, and international entity industries. The demand side on the chain joins the community organization to maintain the normal development and operation of the RFC community and products, and is responsible for the management of the digital assets raised and the security. RFC includes native currency, supports smart contracts, and has a privacy protection mechanism for smart contract token transactions. The total amount of RFC issued is 100 million, and will never be issued. At the same time, the RFC adopts an interactive mining method, which is conducive to achieving greater benefits for platform members.

丨RFC multi-capital led investment

RFC is a strategic DEFI financial platform jointly initiated by venture capital companies such as A16Z, Zone Capital, Wall Street Capital, etc. It is a CFA (chartered Financial Analyst) with rich management experience composed of many blockchain technology experts and the world’s top financial analysts. Team, team leader and platform founder Steven. Mile took 3 years to build, and created the world's first decentralized financial integrated commercial entity through the "Defi + Smart Contract" technology.

丨RFC Decentralized Finance Core Value Viewpoint

(1) Promote the application of service real economy to real commercial scenarios

(2) Decentralized DEFI "experimental field"

(3) Realizing shared financial development

(4) Creating the value of technology + decentralization

(5) Interactive mining model

(6) Black hole destruction mechanism

丨RFC-Build a series of business models based on the community and platform

The development strategy for community building is to continuously expand the stock of users in the two largest and ever-expanding communities in the blockchain industry through the operation of RFC and ETH-related services and content, and to grow and operate through drainage Continue to spread out of the circle and absorb incremental users.

The platform is the carrier of the community and services. In the early stage of the project, the project will be operated in a more secure, stable, efficient and low-cost centralized manner. With the long-developed centralized platform technology, it will provide users with a better experience, and More economical environment and services


RFC provides convenient, reliable and intelligent blockchain asset circulation services to users around the world, empowers a new financial ecosystem on the chain, and creates a world-class trading service platform. In the future, on the journey of a new starting point, under the intricate external environment and potential industry opportunities, RFC will continue to lay a solid foundation, ride the wind and waves, and set sail! In short, opportunities and challenges coexist. Various new models of RFC derivatives will surely become a new growth driving engine. DeFi+DAO will also become the best application scenario for blockchain to land in the vertical field. Are you ready?

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