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  • Restaurant delivery service robot Lele.

    It is obvious that restaurants can not meet the needs of current consumers simply by improving food taste. Therefore, the service experience of consumers is very important. It is necessary for restaurant robots to replace some restaurant workers
  • Leadership in slice technology! The application demonstration of the industry's first 5G terminal slicing target solution has been completed in Guangzhou

    From November 19 to 21, 2020, during the China Mobile Global Partner Conference held in Guangzhou, UNISOC, together with industrial chain partners such as China Mobile and ZTE, jointly completed the application demonstration of the world's first 5G terminal slicing target solution, which indicates that 5G terminal has been equipped with the slicing capability and can provide personalized and custo
  • Open Language Talk witnessed UFC champion Zhang's first English speech

    “I want to say to 2020: Thank you for the honor and attention. I will continue to pass-on the thoughts that I learnt from training martial arts and let my work in the MMA influence and change different people's lives,” said Zhang Weili, the first-ever Chinese UFC champion on "Open Language Talk·Voice 2020" stage.
  • mirrea entered Mexico Market

    Last but not least, after entering the North American market for five years, mirrea entered the Mexico market in October 2020. Now all mirrea modern lighting​ products are available on Amazon.com.mx, customers in Mexico can place orders on Amazon.com.mx, and Amazon will fulfill these orders with Amazon US inventory,
  • TATA木门“出海”,谁能与TA一起乘风破浪?

    “谁能成为TATA木门的合作伙伴?” Who would be TATA’s partner?
  • MILEBAIYE—— the dark horse of the East appeared on NASDAQ screen

    As a representative successful enterprise of the East, MILEBAIYE appeared on the NASDAQ screen, which is the "World's No. 1 Screen" with the largest and most influential screen in Times Square, New York, standing at the "crossroads of the world".
  • International exhibition in Nanning|TATA Foreign Recruitment Project

    The China-ASEAN EXPO in Nanning is a national-level and international trade and commercial festival jointly held by MOFCOM, trade and commercial departments of government of the 10 ASEAN Countries and the ASEAN Secretariat. During the 4-day exhibition, TATA, together with other famous enterprises both at home and abroad, will feed you with a visual feast.
  • Aviation Companies Lead the effort of Social Recovery amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

    In early 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak disrupted people's lives, and many countries around the world began to impose strict travel ban. In order to facilitate global cooperation in the fight against the pandemic, civil aviation staff around the world remained at their positions to ensure air supply, and Peng Haiyan of China Eastern Airlines is one of them. This year marks the 42nd year of his career
  • XCMG launches X-GSS at Bauma China 2020, shows how to go digital in machinery manufacturing

    X-GSS manages spare parts inquiries through data sharing; it tailors a solution for all equipment that guarantees accurate, comprehensive and timely spare parts support. X-GSS provides a personalized user experience – multiple query methods, presentation modes, six languages and universal operation. X-GSS makes service operation more intelligent with real-time tracking, visible control of the cons
  • Meicam attends the World Internet Conference·Light of the Internet Expo 2020

    The World Internet Conference (WIC) 2020, as well as the "Light of the Internet" Expo kicked off in Wuzhen, Zhejiang on Nov. 22. The ancient town with a history of 1,000 years has once again attracted the attention of the world. This year's WIC, with "digital-enabled to build a common future" as the theme, gave a multidimensional and stereoscopic display of China's solution, wisdom and responsibil


Stay True With the Original Aspiration and Insist on the Quality


Recently, Nongfu Spring was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, making eyes of all walks of life focused on the "porter of nature" once more. It is reported that since its establishment in 1996, Nongfu Spring has been committed to the brand concept of "natural and healthy", and with unique strategic vision, prospectively laid out ten rare and high-quality natural water sources in China. Nongfu Spring persists in constructing factories in the water sources and producing drinking water adjacent to water sources since the establishment of its first factory. With unique strategic layout of water sources, perfect production management system and advanced logistics system, it has created a highly popular gilded signboard. It has laid the foundation for providing long-term natural and healthy services for consumers, and become a benchmark enterprise in China's drinking water industry.

The listing of the shares of the company and the honor as a benchmark enterprise in the drinking water industry are closely related to its efforts in exploring high-quality water sources, improving the automation level of production lines and introducing world-class production equipment. Nongfu Spring has always adhered to the concept of "never using urban tap water" and takes strict control of the water sources. By the end of 2019, 137 automatic production lines have been put into use, with 12 of the drinking water production lines reach the filling speed of 81000 bottles per hour. Meanwhile, 14 of the beverage production lines meet the sterility standard of log6. In addition, as one of China's top 10 beverage companies, Nongfu Spring has also been actively engaged in social welfare undertakings, carrying forward the excellent quality of "drinking water with gratitude for sources and feeding back the society ".

Drink Water With Gratitude for Sources And Show Respect to Nature

Nongfu Spring has strictly adhered to the “natural and healthy” philosophy, never using tap water and refusing to add artificial minerals to its drinking water. By constructing factories in the water sources and producing drinking water adjacent to water sources, Nongfu Spring carries out the promise of being "porters of nature" by actual efforts on the basis of the perfect production management system and advanced logistics system.

After 20 years of exploration in water sources and forests, Nongfu Spring has maintained the awe of nature. It is determined to protect the environment of water sources and harmonize with the natural ecology of the water sources. Every factory of Nongfu Spring strictly abides by the principle of environmental protection first, and fully considers the harmony with the surrounding environment in the factory design. The overall design and construction process of the factory manage to minimize the impacts on the surrounding environment, and integrate the natural environment into the design. Through the environmental protection of the water sources and the environmental protection construction of factories, Nongfu Spring practices what it preaches and expresses reverence for nature.


Feed Back the Society and Actively Engaged in Public Welfare

Nongfu Spring has been actively participating in social public welfare undertakings in various ways and calling for love. During the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Nongfu Spring organized a rescue team named Mother to accompany the children in the disaster area, and donated more than 25 million yuan of funds to the disaster area. In 2010, a severe drought occurred in Yunnan. Nongfu Spring donated 380,000 cases of natural drinking water to the disaster areas in Yunnan, providing natural drinking water to more than 1.5 million people. When the epidemic was raging in January this year, Nongfu Spring unconditionally opened all inventory in Wuhan, providing drinking water for local front-line medical staff and construction personnel of Huoshen Mountain Hospital and Leishen Mountain Hospital, and successfully delivered the first batch of drinking water to major hospitals in Wuhan and Huoshen Mountain Hospital construction base. In February, Nongfu Spring established more than 5000 unmanned service points across the country to help alleviate the inconvenience of residents in purchasing materials in special period. Nongfu Spring never forgets to repay the society, which embodies the precious spirit of the enterprise.

In addition, Nongfu Spring initiated the "one penny" charity event with the aim to improve sports facilities in poverty-stricken areas-the Sunshine Project, with every bottle of natural drinking water sold, Nongfu Spring would donate a penny on behalf of consumers for Sunshine Project, supporting primary and secondary schools in poor areas that lack basic sports equipment. In 2006, Nongfu Spring cooperated with the Soong Ching Ling Foundation, raising more than 5 million yuan to help the poor children in the water source areas, and express their gratitude to the people in the water source areas for their great contributions to the protection of the water sources.

It is understood that on August 27, Nongfu Spring launched the "Poetry Bottle" in cooperation with China UnionPay, printing 24 poems from children in mountainous areas of Sichuan, Anhui and Henan provinces on the bottles of drinking natural water, with a sales volume of more than 100 million.

Nongfu Spring is committed to the brand concept of "natural and healthy", bringing consumers safe drinking water and gaining the trust of consumers with the positive corporate image and energy to the society. According to the Frost & Sullivan report, from 2012 to 2019, Nongfu Spring maintained the number one market share of China's packaged drinking water market for eight consecutive years. In terms of retail sales in 2019, Nongfu Spring ranks among the top three in the Chinese market for tea beverages, functional beverages and juice beverages. All these data fully  illustrate the influence of Nongfu Spring in terms of products and brands.

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