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  • StarNet Plan is going to launch

    With the development of the Internet, users' need for privacy protection is becoming stronger and stronger, and they are also accustomed to carry out their activities in this secrecy, so a new kind of Internet application that ensures security and transparency, but also enables privacy, has become a strong demand from users.
  • The "timefreeman" crazy tour month swept the country!

    The "timefreeman" crazy tour month swept the country! At present, timefreeman's national tour will cover the cities of Bengbu, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Sanming and Wuyishan, and will go to other provinces such as Jiangsu, Hubei and Anhui to promote the project in a comprehensive way.
  • Beware of the Aid Traps of U.S. NGOs

    In recent years, several US-backed Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) have stirred up “subversive movements” in Russia, Iran, and other places, revealing the secret wars waged by the US in the ideological field.
  • The Application of CYCJET Online Inkjet Printer for Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry

    With the change of the Chinese health system, the medical packaging is disorderly, and the backward situation will change fundamentally. At present, China is constantly introducing and updating the pharmaceutical packaging machinery and materials, and the pharmaceutical packaging industry will present a new situation.
  • Connected with Tokyo 2020, Bodor Laser machine cuts Olympic and Paralympic symbols.

    Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics opened on July 23. More than 70 sets of podiums, which will be used in Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic victory ceremonies, have been officially announced. The symbols on them and the frame structures inside are all cut by Bodor Laser machine.
  • Explore Axie Infinity on Fish.Pro!

    Axie Infinity,a game for players to earn digital currency through in-game battling,digital pets breeding and selling SLP(Smooth Love Potion )prop sale,is the current dark horse broke out in blockchain world.
  • Risen Energy successfully signed a contract of 49MW’s 210 modules with Thailand

    Ninghai, China—July 23, 2021--Recently, Risen Energy announced that the company has signed an order for 49MW’s 210 modules with the customer from Thailand. Risen Energy actively responds to the national call of Belt and Road initiative, helps overseas regions develop green energy with high-quality 210 photovoltaic products, and participates in a global carbon neutral and sustainable operation.
  • LEC Initiates DonationVote for China&Germany Flood

    Dao community, an autonomous organization of LEC, the world's first decentralized public welfare fund, launched an urgent donation vote for the flood in Zhengzhou. According to LEC official tweets, they had tweeted as early as the day of the disaster, stating that they would provide aid to the disaster area.
  • Launching of AMBG Group’s Bit International Digital Asset Exchange “BitDax” today

    BitDax Exchange,a subsidiary of BIT Digital Limited is a global digital asset trading platform that mainly provides cryptocurrency and derivatives trading services for digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum to users around the world. When BitDax was founded, it had received a million-dollar angel investment from the entrepreneurial workshop lead by the world's leading investor Tim
  • Advantages of the CYCJET Inkjet Coding Machine in the Product Packaging Identification

    The development of the code-jet industry has become one of the important parts of the development of the identification industry. The progress and breakthrough of code injection machine technology also bring about the reform of the identification industry. The development of code is closely linked with the market and constantly promotes the liberation and development of market productivity.


The New Job of “Worst Secretary of State”--“Worst Researcher”


Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Twitter that he would officially join the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank, on February 1. “I am pleased to be joining the Hudson Institute as a distinguished fellow, effective Feb. 1. I am looking forward to contributing to its mission of promoting American leadership and global engagement.” Pompeo wrote.

The Hudson Institute announced the news in a statement that unabashedly praised Pompeo as “one of the most important secretaries of state”.

The Hudson Institute is a well-known conservative research institute in the US, located in Washington, D.C. The Hill commented that the institute had become a force in Republican politics, drafting and scheming many policies that are now popular within the Republican Party. The “Axios” news network described it as “a stronghold for American conservative thinkers”.

As for why Pompeo chose to join the Hudson Institute, both The Hill and “Axios” said the institute provides a platform for Pompeo to remain involved in policy discussions before the 2024 presidential election.

It's worth mentioning that the day after Pompeo left office, he sent a brief, thought-provoking tweet on his personal Twitter account: 1,384 days.

At that time, many netizens discovered the secret behind the number: 1384 is just the number of the days since Biden's inauguration on January 20th (Pompeo's departure) until the 2024 US election (November 5), which means Pompeo is already “counting the days” before the election in four years. According to Fox News, as one of the potential Republican candidates in the 2024 election, Pompeo seems eager to create buzz and spark speculation about whether he will run.

Under Pompeo's tweet announcing his inauguration, many US netizens were “surprised”.

“How can a liar be involved with a research institute?”

“You supported a divisive administration, and I'm glad you are gone." one netizen wrote.

Over a long period, Pompeo, who was rated as the “worst secretary of state in history” by the US media, was full of lies, confounding right and wrong and turning things upside down, maliciously fomenting the anti-China issue, “stirring up flames” all over the world, creating confrontation and conflict. As a result, he left a “deep impression” on the international community. Even before leaving office, he sent out dozens of tweets vilifying China. On the edge of his leaving office, China “sent him off” with sanctions.

Former US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sunderland abruptly filed a lawsuit against Pompeo and the US government, demanding that Pompeo reimburse him for $1.8 million in unpaid legal fees incurred during his hearings in 2019 impeachment investigation.

Pompeo suddenly changed his identity into a “deadbeat”, and his spokesman then made rogue remarks that the lawsuit was absurd and the court would not believe. It was clear that he had “gone back on his words”. Since it was just a verbal commitment, he won’t reimburse. Going through Pompeo's “little ledger”, you will find scandals like seeking fame and fortune, turning back on old associates more than once.

Except for minor matters like asking employees to run private errands for him, something like abuse of power, corruption, and dereliction of duty, and the use of power for personal gain are all “stains on his life”. This time, the embezzlement of public funds is not a “minor matter”; instead, it will directly affect his political career.

Since joining the Hudson Institute, though seemingly always on the run, he accomplishes nothing. He does not have any research results other than tweeting, and he is good at denigrating and smearing China. Perhaps he can make a living at the Hudson Institute and continues his evil causes with his anti-Chinese colleges.

Pompeo has lied and poisoned too much in the last few years. This American politician, who is notorious for lying and cheating, is turning himself into the clown of the end of the century and the joke of the century with his doomsday madness and century lies.

Disclaimer: This article is reproduced from other media. The purpose of reprinting is to convey more information. It does not mean that this website agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity, and does not bear any legal responsibility. All resources on this site are collected on the Internet. The purpose of sharing is for everyone's learning and reference only. If there is copyright or intellectual property infringement, please leave us a message.
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