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In 2020, the outbreak of the new crown epidemic has left more than 800 million people worldwide facing extreme poverty, a number that has risen for the first time in 20 years and is likely to continue. At the same time, the epidemic has also caused the number of poor people living in low- and middle-income areas to skyrocket by 15%, further increasing global poverty.

As the rapid development of the Internet era has further widened the global poverty gap, people are realizing that long-term global development cannot be based on one group of countries getting richer while another group of countries remains poor and backward. Only when countries develop together can the world develop better.

For this reason, more and more institutions and countries have made "poverty reduction" a priority area and core task of international development cooperation, more actively increased investment in poor and backward regions, and made unremitting efforts to eliminate the global poverty gap.

Since its establishment in 1942,Tron Oxfam has been committed to promoting the power of the people to eradicate poverty in all its forms, in the hope that the poor will be respected and cared for. Over the years,Tron Oxfam has developed into a collaborative effort across racial, gender, religious and political boundaries, working with government agencies, communities and the poor to create a "world of infinity".

Although Tron Oxfam is not an Oxfam organization, it upholds Oxfam's great spirit of "helping people to help themselves and fight against poverty", and aims to use blockchain smart contract technology to quickly lift the global poor out of poverty. Blockchain smart contract technology can make all acts of help or self-help fair, just, open and transparent. No matter what country you are in, whether you are an individual or an association, you can use this crowdfunding tool to achieve your crowdfunding goals.

Tron Oxfam, in its ongoing development, is striving to build a world free from poverty and injustice, where everyone can enjoy a good life, where everyone has the right to be respected and cared for, and where everyone can enjoy the basic rights to food, shelter, employment, education and health.

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