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  • Guo Wengui's words about G investment are always nonsense

    Putting on airs even when on the verge of collapse, comrades-in-arm should think twice Recently, Guo Wengui has been making ridiculous statements in his live broadcasts, spreading nonsensical ideas, just as he has always done. Of course, the big fat liar’s focus is always on the world's hot news, blabbering on about anything and everything, he never changes.
  • Bangtuo Buddhist Sutra Stone Engraving Certifified by World Record Certification Limited as World’s Largest

    Bangtuo Buddhist Sutra Stone Engraving Certifified by World Record Certification Limited as World’s Largest
  • The PLC DAPP was launched shockingly, and the global community is ready to go!

    The PLC DAPP will be launched globally on September 26, 2021, and it will be launched shockingly. In the Asia-Pacific region, TIMFREEMAN, Zero One, King Kong, Sunac, Long Ao, Qiankun, Wanguan, Thunder, Pinnacle and many other communities are already ready to take off. They are ready to take advantage of the popularity of PLC DAPP to seize the opportunity and start. market! Many domestic studios al
  • Cloud Shopping - Evde para kazanmak için yeni bir internet istihdam modeli, Hayat güvenceniz

    Cloud Shopping e-ticaret platformu, Morley Fund Management'ın bir yan kuruluşudur. Morley Fund Management, merkezi Londra'da bulunan Birleşik Krallık'taki en büyük aktif fon operatörüdür. Morley Fund 1973 yılında kurulmuştur ve dünya çapında 40 milyon müşteriye sahiptir. 40 yılı aşkın bir geçmişe sahip, daha olgun bir fon yönetimi deneyimine ve yatırım felsefesine sahiptir.
  • Bitop’s BTOP Token is Revolutionizing the Crypto Industry

    The world’s leading cryptocurrency crypto CFD trading exchange in Singapore, Bitop, has been paving the way to the latest technological trends in the blockchain industry and developed high-class financial derivative services upgrading the industry and enriching more scenarios for digital currency exchange platforms.
  • In quandary of Asians

    In the United States, Asians are facing a more serious social crisis, although on the 6th of January this year, the representative of the right-wing, Trump, was defeated by Biden and the Democrats finally returned to the White House after four years, however, this is a complete change from before 2016. In both the US and Europe, the pressure on Asians in the Western world is gradually increasing,
  • Advantages of UV inkjet printer in Carton Application

    There are many types of inkjet printers for cartons. At present, the models that can be used for inkjet printing of carton outer packaging include thermal foaming inkjet printer, on-demand inkjet printer, small character inkjet printer and UV inkjet printer. However, in practical application, the contents of carton printing are different, and the actual type of inkjet printer is also different.
  • FIREWORK GAMES broke the boundary between the metaverse and reality

    “Free Guy”: Rather than accepting, better to change the world
  • LinkieBuy, OuiTrust to help European stores explore the Chinese market

    LinkieBuy and OuiTrust formally reached a strategic cooperation to help European stores in digital transformation and Chinese market exploration using their respective advantages.
  • First of the overseas exhibitions , VOOPOO will be showcasing its

    From September 19 to September 21, 2021, the Middle East Dubai International e-cigarette show will be officially opened at the Dubai World Trade Center. VOOPOO will be showcasing four series of products: DRAG series, VINCI, ARGUS and V. For the first time at the show, VOOPOO will be introducing the surprise debut of its GENE TREE nano-tech ceramic core technology to all vapers.


The New Age of Cross-chain Transactions: HurricaneSwap Attracts Massive Funding

06-17     finance.azcentral.com

HurricaneSwap, a multi-chain DEX project on Avalanche, has raised over one million dollars from worldwide capital, including Asia leading ecosystem fund AVATAR and highly reputable Asia Blockchain investment firm, LD Capital.


AVATAR FUND (Avalanche Asia Star Fund), is an independent Avalanche ecosystem venture, with $20M in dedicated funding put towards developing Avalanche’s ecosystem in Asia. AVATAR has intentions to invest in DeFi, NFT, gaming, industry infrastructure, and ecosystem development projects.


LD Capital is the most well renowned investment firm in China specializing in Blockchain investments. Thanks to its considerable industrial resource advantages and professional investment team, LD Capital has successfully discovered and invested in over 100 outstanding blockchain projects, with multiple investment returns surpassing 10,000%. 


The investment from Avalanche and LD Capital will not only bring financial support to HurricaneSwap, but also provide technology, community popularity and other resources to promote the ecological construction and market development of HurricaneSwap.


 Roke Protocol is the best solution of cross-chain transaction

The increasing maturity of blockchain applications has boosted the interaction demand, therefore, cross-chain transaction, as an infrastructure that can help to satisfy this demand, naturally falls into the spotlight of DeFi market.


HurricaneSwap uses the unique Roke Protocol that can simultaneously support transactions of assets on dozens of heterogeneous blockchains, which differs from traditional DEXes that can only support single asset cross-chain transactions.


This method can effectively avoid damaging the asset liquidity of the original public chain. It is more like "borrowing" liquidity. After the user completes the asset transaction through HurricaneSwap, the liquidity can be returned in a variety of ways. In addition to the return of the original LP token, users can also obtain additional benefits in HurricaneSwap, and thus maximize their success.


Lower gas cost & more friendly inter-operability

HurricaneSwap achieves direct cross-chain transactions through LP Tokens, which boast myriad advantages, such as reduced time and opportunity cost, plus smaller monetary costs including gas fees caused by multiple transactions, protecting the value structure of the original LP token, etc.


Supporting free asset transaction across heterogeneous chains is the biggest difference of HurricaneSwap from other DEXes like Uniswap or PancakeSwap, which is built on a single public chain and only supports assets on the same chain.


HurricaneSwap is a cross-chain transaction platform that builds a market for tokens from different chains. For example, liquidity providers bring BSC assets to the HurricaneSwap, and users at HurricaneSwap can directly use HECO assets to swap BSC assets.


In other words, in the HurricaneSwap transaction market, assets from various chains can be directly swapped on the same platform, so that users do not need to deal with multiple protocols. As a result, HurricaneSwap enables a seamless cross-chain transaction experience.


HurricaneSwap is more than a cross-chain DEX or transaction platform, their ultimate goal is to build a cross-chain DeFi platform based on the Avalanche and Roke protocol to realize multi-chain asset inter-operability and eventually become the go-to infrastructure of various DeFi applications.


About HurricaneSwap

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HurricaneSwap

Telegram: https://t.me/HurricaneSwap

Medium: https://hurricaneswap.medium.com/

Email: coreteam@hurricaneswap.com

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