Cusp of the Times: Metaverse blockchain game- Potato Manor was generated unexpectedly and tended to be globally popular


The outbreak brought a great impact on the real economy globally. The demand quantities of online social events and entertainments grew rapidly. In the times of global epidemic prevention, online games provides people ways of social events and entertainments that are different from traditional ones.

After the March in 2021, the concept of metaverse started to be generated and became popular. Based on the frame of metaverse’s concept, GameFi of blockchain was generated. With the continuous update of blockchain games, GameFi has great potential of realization and it breaks through the traditional gaming industrial methods, which made it became the central point of the market.

Potato Manor-build the new generation of metaverse game

Potato Manor is an encrypted game based on the concept of NFT+DeFi+Game and can bring real benefits. In potato manors, players act as farmers. They buy lands and plant potatoes by fertilizing and obtain daily potato PTC coins. Thus, each player could be the crucial element of the virtual space which is consists of a list of independent farms.

NFT was employed into the game and that made each project and character unique. This is one of the attractive point of this game and that would made each player has the sense that he is the only one that owns those equipment. Everything of the game has its uniqueness, rarity and unique significance, which is regarded as valuable digital asset of the market.

High quality GameFi driven by the metaverse domain

The big part of the profits of the blockchain games is achieved by the middlemen and developers, so that the benefits of players would not be guaranteed. There are several disadvantages of centralized games, such as data opacity, high cost, low safety factor, confirmation voucher deficiency, etc., and those are the limitations of the gaming industry’s development.

The birth of the Potato Manor breaks the bottleneck of existing blockchain games as well as the business logic of traditional games’ development. It brings the benefits and values back to players. The brand new playing method overturns the traditional mode and combines the blockchain technology as well as the concept to assure the benefits of players.

It lets players make profits while having fun and the win-win result of the platform and players would be realized. In addition to that, coin-assets earned by players are generated of a certain amount based on blockchain to avoid the manipulation. That assured the value and recoverability of the players’ digital assets. All of the playing codes could guarantee the justice, reasonable, and supervision.

“Play-To-Earn” in Potato Manor.

Potato Manor is an on-chain P2E game that gathered planting, breeding, and entertaining senses with metaverse ecology surrounded.

Although players could make profits through those traditional P2E games, by playing them and selling equipment. Those transactions should be fulfilled offline rather than dealing in games, which could be a great test for players’ capital security.

Potato Manor switched this economic mode inside of the game, which let players make realizations by exchanging relative properties and seeds through those transaction windows inside of the game. At the same time, lands, potatoes and special properties of players are all saved on-chain, which means that those assets truly belong to themselves.

Players used to experienced the games and now, they earning benefits while playing games. Correspondingly, the growing number of players also enhance the developing speed of Potato Manor, and that makes players get benefits from the developing bonus.

It is believed that games like Potato Manor that combined metaverse, NFT and the concept of GameFi would definitely create wonderful chemical reactions with gaming economy to make more players enjoy the game while witnessing the future.

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