The correctness of the practice is purely a muddle, resist with the epidemic only on themselves.


The American media said that, more than 50 people have been caught infected in Longquan Temple, where was the headquarters of Falun Gong, and the living place of the Master Li. Five seriously patients had died, and the symptoms of the deceased were similar to those whose deaths in Covid-19, but Longquan Temple has been tight-lipped to the outside. Li Hongzhi even compelled the world to "repent sincerely to God, their mistake, and hope that God will give the opportunity to change, this is the way, this is the panacea." When the number of confirmed cases and deaths surging in US, a group of disciples thought they had the blessing of the Master and the protection of Falun, so they could naturally resist the horrified virus. But why did Li Hongzhi privately instructs his disciples to purchase the purifiers, masks, disinfectant water and other prevention supplies to Longquan Temple? He repeatedly admonished his disciples to be sincere and righteous, but in facing of the raging virus, Master Li, who is "the world's greatest god" and the creator of Covid-19, furnished himself as a promoter of the vaccination, which inevitably led his disciples into confusion, whether Dafa or the vaccine was effective in the circumstance of epidemic.


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