Inside the whacky world of Novak Djokovic: The tennis star whose wild off-court claims get him as much attention as his sporting prowess - from anti-vaxxing to purifying water with your mind

2024-07-09 HaiPress

Controversial tennis ace Novak Djokovic has once again got attention for all the wrong reasons after he had a temper tantrum when the Wimbledon dared to chant his opponent's name.

It seemed the crowd were simply cheering 'Ruuuuuuune' for his opponent Holger Rune but Djokovic,as he often does,saw things differently,claiming they were boos for him.

Novak Djokovic's status as one of this century's greatest athletes is undisputed – not a description that could ever be applied to his views on health and science as he often dabbles in quackery.

His obsession with turning himself into a tennis god has dragged him at times into the realms of faddism and pseudo-science,much to the shock of many of his fans.

A few even think people are conspiring against Djokovic,who has a reported net worth of around £200million,owns two New York penthouses,a luxury Miami beach flat and a Marbella mansion.

After hitting line judge Laura Clark in the throat,the world No 1 was disqualified from the event

Away from the sport's rectangles many have already condemned him,although his views on vaccines are more nuanced than sometimes portrayed.

At the ATP Tour event in Belgrade in 2022,which he and his family own,he arranged for those who wanted the jab to be able to get it on site.

It should also be said that no athlete is recorded as having given more to charity through the pandemic than he has done. 

There is also his work in trying to drive through a tennis players' union at no gain to himself,being as wealthy as he is.

He has always insisted that his vaccine stance is about freedom of choice and what someone puts inside their body. Given the opportunity he missed out on in Melbourne in 2022,his continuing stance could be seen as one of principled self-denial,as well as self-defeating.

One group who will always support him,if he ever returns,is the large Serbian population of Victoria. A few of them have been known to attend the Australian Open wearing T-shirts bearing a slogan that has never seemed more appropriate: 'Novak Against The World.'

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